Regitered Massage Therapist in Elglinton, Saint Clair and Davisville Areas

balance in your life, and then look towards Registered Massage Therapy to meet those needs. Our goals at Davisville Massage Therapy are to treat you as an individual, manage the conditions that you are currently experiencing and prevent your symptoms from returning.

Many Canadians are embracing Massage Therapy to assist in treating muscle tissue ache and malfunction. In case you are suffering from headaches,continuous neck tension , or low back pain, Massage Therapists will help address these problems. Massage Therapy isn't viewed as a luxury any more, but is essential to keep excellent well-being and health.
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Our Toronto Massage Therapy Clinic is centrally located in the Davisville, Eglinton, St.Clair and Yonge Street area.

Davisville Massage Therapy Specializing in Alternative Medicine

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The Davisville Massage clinic has been around for over 8 years and can be found in Suite #914 at 1849 Yonge Street, just south of Davisville Avenue in a Medica and Dental building. We engage the best and properly qualified Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s) in Toronto.

Our main focus is you, the patient. We treat symptoms that are present as well as minimize or eliminate the barriers to recovery. We not only look at the changes that are occurring with you but we look at and treat the cause of your pain or injury.

The patient is an active partner in his/her recovery. We treat every patient as an individual, because everyone presents symptoms differently. We provide goal oriented programs and feedback from the patient is highly recommended. We offer all the tools and motivation and incorporate postural awareness, stretching, strengthening and hydrotherapy exercises to help you succeed in your recovery.

When needed we have access to many different health care professionals and alternative health specialists to help your condition improve.


  1. Deep Tissue Massage

  2. orthopaedic Assessment,

  3. inesiology and Biomechanics

  4. structural Anatomy

  5. Sciatica

  6. Upper Back Pain

  7. Lower Back Pain

  8. Headaches

  9. repetitive Strain Injuries

  10. Sports injuries

We approach Massage Therapy by first assessing the cause of pain or tension, then we treat the effected area with aim to reduce symptoms that are present. Our clients have found amazing result and relief.